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Thinking of a long break or a change? here are some tips and advice

Thinking of a career change or a long break from your current job?
Here are some tips and advice from my experience and from reading other people’s experiences and advice:
  1. Be prepared- write down your thoughts and what you want to achieve from the break/change. It helps crystallise them for you and helps in communicating them to others.
  2. Think hard about the real motivation for taking a break or making a change- make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.
  3. It is not a quick decision or a resort for not making one. It needs to be a step in a long process.
  4. Work out your financials, but be prepared to take a calculated risk.
  5. Talk to people, tell your friends about your thoughts and plans- it will make it more real and help you in actually taking the step.
  6. But make sure you talk to people who will understand you. Not the ones that will just add to your concerns and fears.
  7. Look for and seek the company of people who have done similar process to what you are going through; draw ideas and inspiration.
  8. As you get more mature and progressed with the plan, be on the lookout for friends in similar situation that may not be as progressed with their thinking- the ability to help and inspire others is great.
  9. Be positive and optimistic- don’t do it because you’ had enough’ and ready to throw everything in the air (even if you sometimes feel like that…).
  10. Be prepared for a long process. Don’t expect immediate and magic answers. Experience and experiment as much as you can and want to.
  11. Don’t start feeling insecure just because your inbox is getting empty- it takes time to get used to it and remember you are not being defined by the emails in your inbox.
  12. Enjoy it!! be excited about it and look at the difficult times as part of your new set of challenges.
 A phrase I heard that resonated with me was:
When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give chance for the right things to catch you….
So sometimes it is good to take a break from chasing something- if only, to make sure that what you are chasing is the right thing for you.
Ayala Domani