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Gender Balance

‘Diversity’ and ‘Gender equity’ are often overused terms in many organisations. It is talked about a lot, but is it really well understood? Research in recent years has provided real and hard data on the benefits of diversified management teams and its impact on the bottom line business results. It is no longer an assumption or a question of If; It is a fact– gender balanced organisations achieve better financial results. (see: Women Matter: Gender Diversity a corporate performance driver, McKinsey & Company, 2007).

If your organisation still struggle with the WHY (it is important), or you just not sure HOW to go about it or WHAT to do in order to drive for gender balance- we can help you.

Resurgence has range of services that can assist your organisation in the journey to become a successful, progressive and diversified company.

Resurgence Diversity Leadership Programs:

Resurgence has been delivering successful Leadership Programs for executive and senior level managers through to mid-level managers.

We have 4 types of Leadership Diversity Programs focused on Gender Diversity:

·         Emerging Leadership Programs for Women – Click here

·         Leadership Diversity Programs for Women (mid level) – Click here

·         Leadership Diversity Programs for Men (mid level) – Click here

·         Board Readiness for Executives – The Effective Director

We also offer tailored sessions for organisations such as Breakfast/ Lunch short seminars or Webinars–addressing various topics from awareness to practical short modules of Effective Leadership. Example topics include:

·         Developing and leading resilient teams

·         Leading change effectively

·         Handling failure/ setbacks at work

·         Understanding the importance of sponsors (as distinct from mentors)

·         Managing Up and Out

·         The Art of Networking

Please contact us for more information

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