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Men have to be active partners in the process of achieving gender equity

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by Negba Weiss-Dolev

Many women, me included, are tired of participating in regular ‘preaching to the converted’ sessions attended by a multitude of women in the business environment with only a few ‘token’ men who either ‘get it’ or have to be there because of their roles.

It is really clear to most of us that there are 2 parties to the drive for gender equity.  Both men and women have to adapt and be willing to try new ways of working for any initiative in this arena to be successful.

Yet when companies such as ours (Resurgence) try to create a pragmatic vehicle to work with men on the issue of how to lead in a diverse workforce we get great responses from the participants but large organisations still tell us that we need to focus on ‘the women’ (which we also do BTW).

How do we accelerate the acceptance that it’s not about ‘fixing the women’ but rather about creating a real understanding of what makes the other gender tick and how to create a more gender balanced  environment that bridges the ‘Mars-Venus’ divide.

Help! Is there anybody out there who has ideas about getting progress on this issue?


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